Exhibitor Show Day Information

Below you will find important bridal show information i.e. – show day info, set-up, etc. If you have any questions after reviewing the information please don’t hesitate to contact us!

NOTE: Specific booth info such as your booth number can be found on our Booth Floor Plan. We will email this out a few weeks before the show!

The Most Incredible Bridal Show and The Conexus Arts Centre are monitoring provincial government updates and will ensure the show complies with any provincial health regulations in effect on the day of the show in order to keep all our guests and your staff healthy (i.e. physical distancing, masking etc.)

All booths will be able to start moving in to the Conexus Arts Centre the day of the show at 8:00 am. You can use the front main doors or there is a loading down ramp on the East Side of the building that can also be used. The Centre has several dollies which will be available for your use. However, if you have a dolly its best to bring your own as there is a limited number and you may have to wait for one. We will have someone at the front entrance to direct you to your booth.

The standard booth is 10ft wide x 8ft deep. Your booth includes an 8ft high back drape, 3ft high side drapes and one 8ft draped table with a white table cloth (table is 8ft long x 2.5ft wide). All draping in your booth is black. Your booth also includes 2 chairs.

If you have booked a tabletop you are provided one 6ft draped table with a white table cloth (table is 6ft long x 2.5ft wide). All draping is black. Your tabletop also includes 2 chairs.

Set-up will take place from 8:00am to 12:00, however, we ask all booths to be ready to start the show at 11:30, as each year the crowd of brides starts to build at the front of the Centre and we like to open the doors early if all booths are ready.

Your company name and booth number will be on a sign in your booth space so you can easily find your space. Please leave this info displayed in your booth to make it easier for show attendees to find your booth. Also, if we designated your booth as a signing booth (meaning you sign brides programs when they come to your booth), your booth will have a red heart displayed. Please ensure you leave this heart displayed so brides can easily see who is a signing booth and who is not.

We have a number of bridal show helpers roaming around, they will have badges on asking “How can I Help?” Please feel free to ask them any questions and we will do our best to help.

Brides will have from 12:00 until 4:00 to meet with you and view your booth exhibits. At 4:00 the fashion show will start in the main theatre.

You may begin tearing down your booth as soon as the fashion show starts at 4:00. However, at approximately 5:00 the fashion show will end and any booths still moving out will be asked to stop moving their displays through the front doors for about 15 minutes until all the brides and their guests exit the facility.
NOTE: You may continue to use the loading ramps on the East side of the facility during this time.

If you have ordered electrical it will be available at the back of your booth when you arrive. Electrical is $60 per booth.

Please ensure you bring your prize to the show and drop it off at the grand prize booth as soon as you arrive, so it can be put on display.

If you require additional tables, you can receive an additional 8-foot table, with tablecloth only, free of charge, please let us know
If you would like your extra table draped, our tube and drape supplier charges $15.00 plus GST per table for this extra draping.  Please let us know. The tube and drape supplier will collect when they provide the draping at the show..
Note: if you have already requested an additional table it will be in your booth when you arrive.

As always, free coffee will be available in the South West Corner of Convention Hall (near booth #55) while you set up. The Conexus Arts Centre will have a food concession in the Theatre Lobby (Located on the main level). In the morning you will be able to get breakfast items such as muffins etc…. They will add lunch items at about 11am. Please set up early enough so that you can grab a bite to eat before the doors open.

If you have staff arriving to help you in your booth please have them use the main front doors. Please have them indicate to the door staff which company they are with and they will be admitted free of charge.

SWAG BAGS: If you are providing items to go in the swag bags for brides and grooms, these must be delivered to our drop-off location in Regina in advance of Sept 30th as listed on your contract. Otherwise, these items will not make it into the swag bags. Swag Bag Contribution is an additional $50 per booth.

PROGRAM ADVERTISMENT: Booths have the option to place an ad in the program for the bridal show, please see your contract for pricing and due dates.

Candles- Due to fire regulations at the Conexus Arts Centre, no booth participant is allowed to have lit candles in their booth.

Follow the golden rule- If you are playing music, slide shows, videos etc…. at your booth please ensure that the noise or placement of any of your displays does not interfere with any of the neighboring booths in your area.

We are very excited about the show and we look forward to seeing there. Please call or email if you have any questions.