Salsa Colada
Juliany Qureshi
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“Salsa Colada was founded by Juliany Qureshi in the year 2000 but Juliany has been dancing for as long as she can remember- Dance was a channel for confidence and as a way to reach back at her Latin roots. Salsa Colada’s purpose is to empower women and children ages 19months to the sky is the limit 🙂 and to serve as an aid to channel dreams through dance.  The group was first created by a group of brave- like minded women desiring to get out of the everyday work and home life and be part of a community that provides encouragement, positivity and confidence.  Now we have added couples classes to our services in order to bring partners together.  Every class has a mission beyond the benefits of cardio, health and movement-  Salsa Colada’s mission is to ensure we become better, more confident, happier and healthier individuals through dance.”

Chris Hamilton
“Chris Hamilton has been entertaining Regina for 50 years with his vast repertoire and musical stylings. He adds the perfect touch for any event or ceremony.”

Artime Music
Classical Fusion String & Bassoon Ensemble, est. 2012
Adrian Casas, Colleen Grubb, Arlysse Quiring
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