A1 Rent-Alls The Party Store, — One Call Rents All”
1500 Dewdney Avenue, Regina SK S4R 1G6 
A1 Rent-Alls The Party Store has a large selection of catering equipment for events leading up to or following the wedding.

The Happy Nun Café
Gayla, 306-457-7780
357 Main St. Forget, SK.
Facebook – @happynuncafe
Instagram – @thehappynuncafe
“A Unique and Memorable experience in the heart of Southeast Saskatchewan. Venue rental with onsite services and custom, locally sourced catering.”

Madira Catering
Kenny Pagan
Facebook – @Madira-Catering
Instagram – @MadiraCatering306
“We are a Regina SK, based catering company focused on delivering high quality, locally sourced and visually stunning meals!”

Wallnuts Expressive Catering
Kelly Gosselin and Alex Logan
232 College Ave E., Regina SK.
Instagram – @wallnutstogo
Facebook – Wallnuts Expressive Catering and Wicked Food To Go
“Dishing up happiness in Regina and the surrounding communities for the past 20 years!”