A1 Rent-Alls The Party Store, — One Call Rents All”
1500 Dewdney Avenue, Regina SK S4R 1G6 
A1 Rent-Alls The Party Store has a large selection of catering equipment for events leading up to or following the wedding.

The Happy Nun Café
Gayla, 306-457-7780
357 Main St. Forget, SK.
Facebook – @happynuncafe
Instagram – @thehappynuncafe
“A Unique and Memorable experience in the heart of Southeast Saskatchewan. Venue rental with onsite services and custom, locally sourced catering.”

Madira Catering
Kenny Pagan
Facebook – @Madira-Catering
Instagram – @MadiraCatering306
“We are a Regina SK, based catering company focused on delivering high quality, locally sourced and visually stunning meals!”